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Kandiyohi County AIS Grants


To ALL Potential Grant Applicants - please click on the two links below for an example on how to complete the grant application and the actual grant application form. Pay close attention to all the deadline dates! 

AIS Grant Application EXAMPLE 

If you have questions, please contact:
Russ Hilbert
Kandiyohi County Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator
Phone:  (320) 231-6229 ext. 5251

General Questions

When is the next opportunity to apply for a grant?

The Kandiyohi County Aquatic Invasive Species Community Grant Program has been a fantastic success over the last few years. To continue its success and to better serve potential grantees, the application will be released in October and the deadline for submittal will be remain November 15th for the grant cycle. Award announcements are made by January. This is to provide time to all community groups and lake associations to meet, plan, and apply before the winter season, holidays, and government permit deadlines.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Russ Hilbert, Kandiyohi County AIS Coordinator either by email at or by phone at 320-231-6229 ext. 5251.