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What are Circles?      |      Value of Circles     |     Circle Types

Circles can be used for team building, problem solving, repair building, and celebration.  It enables a group to get to know each other, builds inclusion, and allows for the development of mutual respect, trust, sharing, and concern. Circles provide students with the opportunities to share their feelings, ideas and experiences to establish relationships and social norms.  When there is wrong-doing, circles play an active role in addressing the wrong and making things right. 

“The philosophy of Circles acknowledges that we are all in need of help and that helping others helps us at the same time.”  Kay Pranis


Conferencing is a collaborative, decision-making approach that involves face to face encounter between offenders and their families and if appropriate with victims and their supporters.  The conference seeks to support offenders as they take responsibility for their actions and change their behavior, empowers the offender’s families to participate in the process, and where appropriate, addresses the victim’s needs with the goal of repairing the harm. 

“The program and the coordinator are wonderful. We are so lucky to have a program like this in our County. We do feel that this program has worked well for our family.”
           -Conference Youth Parent

“I think it is a very good program. I am beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity to be involved in this program. It will help my future a lot.”
            -Conference Youth Participant

“I think more counties should partake in this program. It is a great program to keep more kids on the straight and narrow. Positive instead of negative.”
            -Conference Youth Parent

“Coordinator did a great job! Addressed the issues, worked out a plan by listening empathetically and tuned into the feelings underlying the issues. She got the child to open up, be honest and work on a plan with us. Excellent opportunity for when a young person makes a bad choice…doesn’t leave a legal record based on that one choice. Instead teaches why it is in their best interest never to do it again.”
            -Conference Youth Parent

“Excellent program to help me enormously, to support me day by day.”
            -Adult Conference Participant

“Thank you for believing in me through a tough time in my life. I really appreciate your compassion, great advice and hugs. You have made a huge impact on my life in the most positive way possible.”
           -Circle Youth

“Thank you to all the volunteers and for their input and making this be a positive experience!!”
            -Circle Youth Parent

“I wasn’t looking forward to the group but I didn’t want to have anything on my record. I appreciate that I got to participate in Circle and keep my record clean. It ended up being a positive thing. You and the other people were very caring and believed in me. Circle gave me the chance to think about my actions and learn to think ahead and make better choices.”
            -Circle Youth