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Daycare Information

Daycare Information
Kandiyohi County Emergency Management is able to assist child care providers with their emergency planning needs.  Specifically we can assist with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Child Care Emergency Plan worksheet and with notifying parents through a the Emergency Notification program.

Minnesota Department of Human Services, Child Care Emergency Plan

Child Care Emergency Plan
Blank Auto-fill template

Child Care Emergency Plan. With recommendations.  Each child care provider will have a unique plan.  However this plan sets out some suggestions.  The notification section is filled out for those that are participating in the Emergency Notification program. Options from Emergency Management are listed with (parentheses) 

Emergency Notification System 

Another way we can assist child care providers is with the County's emergency notification system.  We currently use a company called Smart911 to provide alerts to the community.  On the citizen side you can sign up to receive alerts (via text message, phone and/or email) from the 9-1-1 Center about such things as tornado warnings, gas leaks or other important information.  You can also receive alerts from the National Weather Service for everything from frost advisories to severe weather warnings.  

We are also working on a pilot project  to help child care providers notify their clients in the event of an emergency.  If you have to evacuate, trying to go down an emergency contact list and call parent by parent, can take a lot of time.  With this program, the child care provider can make one phone call to Emergency Management and we can send out a group text message to everyone on that child care providers list.  Here are the steps to be part of the program.

1.  Contact Emergency Management at 320-235-5133 and let them know you want to be part of the child care pilot  program.
2.  Give your daycare name and contact information.
3.  Explain the program to your clients.  There is a two page informational sheet here.  The first page explains the citizen side.  The second page explains child care notification program. 
4. Send Emergency Management a list of contacts including cell phone numbers.  Mailing address:  2201 23rd Street NE, Suite #103, Willmar, MN 56201.  A sample sheet can be found here. 
5. Test the system regularly by calling Emergency Management to activate. 
6. Keep contact information current.  You may receive reminder notifications from Emergency Management to help ensure the contact information is current.