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Technical Information

Information on this site has been compiled by the  Kandiyohi County Department of Environmental Services The handouts available here are current as of the date of publication.  Documents may be routinely updated.  Any questions with these forms should be directed to the Environmental Services Department. 

Technical Information 
- Decks Egress Windows
Garages Porches and Additions
Re-Roofing Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Round Footing Sizes Snow Load Requirements
Square Footing Sizes 10" Masonry Wall Reinforcing
12" Masonry Wall Reinforcing Exterior Drainage Foundation Insulation
Interior Foundation Insulation Requirements Rigid Exterior Non draining Foundation Insulation
Interior Foundation Insulation Requirements Spray Applied Radon Information
Interior Foundation Insulation Requirements Unfaced Fiberglass
Residential Foundation Insulation - General Info
Specific Insulation Requirements

 Technical Illustrations (Samples)
Wall Section – Basement - Wall Section – Crawl Space
Wall Section – Slab on Grade w/Frost Footings Wall Section – Shallow Frost Protection
Wall Section – Permanent Wood Foundation Wall Section – Attached or Detached Garage
Wall Section – Garage Slab on Grade (Floating Slab) Wall Section – Post Framed Accessory Building
Residential Stairs - Straight Flight Residential Stairs - Winder, Circular or Spiral
- Accessibility Bathtubs and Showers Illustration - Accessibility Ramp Illustration
- Accessibility Sinks and Clearances Illustration - Accessibility Water Closet Illustration
- Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings  

The documents provided are in PDF format. 


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