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Russ Hilbert, Feedlot Officer
400 Benson Ave SW
Willmar  MN  56201
Phone:  (320) 231-6229 ext. 5251
Area of Responsibility
  • Registration of new and existing feedlots according to feedlot rules
  • Review all feedlot construction, expansions and permit applications and issue Construction Short-Form and Interim permits
  • Provide assistance to producers in completing permit applications, record keeping, resource project funding, procuring technical assistance, and keeping in compliance with State feedlot rules
  • Responding to and processing of complaints
  • Inspecting feedlot areas according to feedlot rules and County delegation
  • Maintain records on permit actions, inspections and complaints

General Information

Good Neighbor Policy: - prior to agitation and spreading, neighbors within 1/2 mile from the property line of the description given on the conditional use applications and 1/2 mile from the property line of the spreading sites be notified to determine if they have any special events planned which may be affected by the spreading. If possible, another location or time would be chosen. Neighbors are encouraged to contact the applicant with any scheduled events in advance so as to help them plan manure application.

Manure Stockpile Information
MPCA Manure Stockpiling Guidelines

Forms, Permits, Registration

Construction, Operation Guidance 

Environmental Review 

Nutrient and Manure Management
Land Applications Records Form 

Feedlot Closure

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