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Frequently Asked Questions:  Land Use Permits

 Land use permit requirements in Kandiyohi County are governed by Kandiyohi County ordinances, which are available on our website

 Refer to the county ordinances for further information on requirements and regulations.  Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or comments.

 When is a permit needed? 

A permit is required to erect, alter, or move any structure built or moved onto a property in Kandiyohi County.

 How much does a permit cost?

Land Use Permit fees are adopted by the County Board of Commissioners, see fee schedule, and Building Permit fees are calculated by cost tables adopted by the County Board of Commissioners and project cost.

 How do I know what zoning district I am in?

The Kandiyohi County website has a GIS map and the zoning districts are a layer that can be turned on to determine what zone your property is located in.  Zoning maps by township are also available on the county website.

 How can I obtain information about my septic system?

Kandiyohi County Environmental Services has records back to 1972.  Please provide the year of the original installation, the tax parcel number, and the legal description.

 Do I need a permit to re-shingle or re-side my house?

No, a permit is not required for maintenance items such as re-shingling, re-siding, gas water heaters, fireplaces and furnace installation.

 What needs to be included with my permit application?

Depending on the type of land use permit, the information required varies.  Please contact our office at 320-231-6229 to determine what needs to be included with your permit.

 How long does it take for a permit to be issued?

Issuing a land use permit is generally done within 5 business days after a complete application has been submitted.  Permit review times vary, depending on the time of year and whether all the required information is submitted with the application.  Summer months are generally busier which results in longer permit issuance times.

 How long is my land use permit good for?

Construction must start within one year of the permit issuance date.  If at any point the project is abandoned for a period of one year the permit shall be void.

 What are the required setbacks?

Setbacks differ depending on the zoning of each parcel and the type of road, lake, or waterbody that the property fronts on.  Because there are so many variables, we advise our residents to contact the planning and zoning office to determine the required setbacks that pertain to a particular property.  Setbacks can also be found in the zoning ordinance available on our website.

 Where do I get information relating to my well?

Water wells are permitted through the Minnesota Department of Health Well Management Unit.  Their website is .

 Does your office offer site visits?

Yes, staff will do site visits during business hours.

 I am subdividing my property, do I need a survey?

Kandiyohi County requires a certificate of survey by a registered land surveyor for any subdivision of land less than a full government lot, or a full quarter-quarter section.

 Is my lot buildable?

There are many requirements that need to be met in order for a lot to be buildable. Depth to water table for the low floor elevation, setback requirements, septic system regulations, and well placement, are just a few of the items that need to be verified.  Environmental considerations that also need to be reviewed include; wetland, shoreland, and floodplain regulations.  The County cannot tell prospective or current owners of a property if a lot is buildable.  It is up to the owner to complete their due diligence to determine if all requirements can be met.

 Do I need access approval:  Access approval is required for access from State, County, and Township roads.  For specific requirements for State Highways contact MN DOT at 320-214-3776, for County Roads contact the Co. Highway Department at 320-235-3266, for Township roads contact your Township Clerk.

 How do I get a 911 property address?

911 addresses are assigned to properties when a land use or building permit is approved.  If you have any questions regarding the 911 address system please contact the office at 320-231-6229.

  This document is intended to assist our customers in answering frequent questions about permit requirements in Kandiyohi County.  Please note that this guide is only a summary and not intended as a legal authority on specific permit requirements.