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Policy Committee

The Hawk Creek – Mid MN CWMP Policy Committee is made up of elected officials from each participating County Board of Commissioners and participating Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Board of Supervisors.  The role of the Policy Committee is to determine priority issues and priority areas for implementation, make final decisions about the content of the Plan and its submittal, and expenditure of funds allocated for Plan development. 

Committee Members

Chippewa SWCD                        
Steve Sunderland
Jeff Johnson (Alternate) 
Chippewa County                                         

Jeffrey Lopez
Matt Gilbertson (Alternate)        
Renville SWCD

Dean Schroeder
Dr. Kathryn Kelly (Alternate)
Renville County 

Rick Schmidt
Greg Snow (Alternate)
Kandiyohi SWCD
Brandon Smith 
Jane Youngkrantz (Alternate)
Kandiyohi County

Corky Berg
Rollie Nissen (Alternate)

List of 2019-2020 Meeting Dates  

2019 Meeting Information
2020 Meeting Information
January 8, 2020       Agenda       Minutes  
February 5, 2020  Agenda  Minutes  
March 4, 2020  Agenda  Minutes  
April 1, 2020  Agenda  Minutes  
May 6, 2020  Agenda  Minutes  
June 3, 2020  Agenda  Minutes  
July 1, 2020  Agenda  Minutes  
August 5, 2020  Agenda  Minutes  
September 2, 2020  Agenda  Minutes  
October 7, 2020  Agenda  Minutes  
November 4, 2020  Agenda  Minutes  
December 2, 2020  Agenda  Minutes