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Kandiyohi County Environmental Services

Wetland Conservation Act & Water Planning Administrator
Gary Geer

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Kandiyohi County Comprehensive

Local Water Plan

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Public Notice (2/2018): One Watershed One District

Kandiyohi County Water Plan (2013-2023)

Wetland Conservation Act Fact Sheet

Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act Forms and Guidance





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County Comprehensive Local Water Management

What is the Kandiyohi County Comprehensive Water Management Plan?

In 1989, the Kandiyohi County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution to develop a Comprehensive Local Water Plan, according to Minnesota Statutes 110B. The plan was to serve two purposes. The first was to identify existing and potential problems and opportunities for the protection, management, and development of water and related land resources. The second purpose was to develop goals, objectives and a work plan to implement programs and strategies to promote the sound management of water and land resources and land use. The original Comprehensive Local Water Plan was approved by the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) and officially adopted by the Kandiyohi County Board of Commissioners in 1991. Since then, Kandiyohi County has revised its Water Plan in 1996, 2002, and 2007 (which expired on December 2012). The Kandiyohi County Environmental Services Department is responsible for administering the County’s Water Plan.

Pursuant to the requirements of the law, this Kandiyohi County Water Plan:

    • Covers the entire area of Kandiyohi County;
    • Addresses water problems in the context of watershed units and groundwater systems;
    • Is based upon principles of sound hydrologic management of water, effective environmental protection and efficient management;
    • Is consistent with comprehensive water plans prepared by local watershed management organizations and neighboring counties; and
    • Will serve as a 10-year water plan (2012-2022), with a 5-year implementation plan (2013 – 2017). In 2017, the implementation plan will be updated.

Kandiyohi County will continue to build on its past accomplishments and encourage new programs and opportunities for the effective management and protection of its water and land resources.


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Kandiyohi County Water Planning Cost-Share Program

The State of Minnesota annually provides grant dollars to implement the Comprehensive Water Plan.

These grant dollars have been made available to individuals, organizations, and local government units to cost-share projects which address surface and groundwater issues.

The funds are disbursed by the Kandiyohi County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) and are used to meet the priorities, goals, objectives, and action steps in the County Water Plan.

For more information, please contact Rick Reimer @ Kandiyohi County SWCD (320)235-3906.


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