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Currently, there are approximately 90 licensed family childcare providers in Kandiyohi County. To find more information on Kandiyohi County’s Licensed Childcare Programs:

Parent Aware Information to help families to find quality child care and early education, and contains tools for providers looking for professional development or to improve quality. ( )

Licensing Information Lookup MN Department of Human Services website that contains public information about licensed providers in Minnesota, including their contact information and results of compliance visits. ( )

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Searchable document Library eDocs:

Minnesota Family Childcare Licensing Standards
Minnesota Administrative Rule - Licensing of Daycare Facilities (also known as Rule 2)
Minnesota Statutes 245A – Human Services Licensing Act
Minnesota Statutes 245C- Human Services Background Studies Act
Minnesota Statutes 626.556- Reporting of the Maltreatment of Minors Act
Guide to Becoming a Licensed Family Child Care Provider is a plain-language handbook for people interested in becoming a licensed family child care provider in Minnesota.  This guide provides information about the initial licensing process  and licensed family child care program requirements.   

For more information about becoming a licensed family childcare provider in Kandiyohi County,  or if you have questions or concerns about a licensed family childcare program in Kandiyohi County,  please contact the Kandiyohi County Family Childcare Licensing Worker at 320-231-7800 Ext 2466 or by email at