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Disability Services - Under age 65 Disabilities

Individuals with Disabilities

The MnChoices assessment is a service provided by the county agency to assist individuals and their families in planning and choosing services. A social worker and/or nurse will conduct a home assessment with the client and family, at the residence of the client. The assessor can then provide direction and information regarding resources based upon the client's assessed needs and eligibility. The client, family, and assessor can then discuss options regarding a care plan, taking into consideration all aspects of the client's unique situation and what is important to and for them. This is a free service.

An assessment can also be requested when a person is residing in a nursing facility. This can be useful if someone is looking at moving back into a community setting.

The Waivers

The Kandiyohi County Board delivers state administered home and community based waivers for disabled consumers under Federal 1915(c) waiver, a provision of the Social Security Act that allow States to receive Federal financial participation in the cost of services that are an alternative to institutional settings. There are three Waiver Programs that may be identified as resources for persons receiving a MNChoices assessment.

The waiver programs for the disabled under 65 populations are Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI), Brain Injury (BI), and Community Alternative Care (CAC) programs. To be eligible for a waiver program an individual must be receiving Medical Assistance and certified disabled through Social Security, or by a State Medical Review Team. Further, an individual must have health and safety service needs that cannot be met through a Medical Assistance program such as the Personal Care Assistance Program (PCA). Each the Brain Injury waiver and Community Alternative Care Programs have additional eligibility criteria that need to be met.

Services provision may include home health aide, homemaker, personal care assistance, skilled nurse visits, supplies and equipment, and/or day programs. Both the CADI and the BI waiver programs cover funding for supported employment or pre-vocational training, home and vehicle modifications, family and corporate foster care homes, and specialized behavior services

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