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Family Child Care

Family Child Care
There are about 120 licensed child care providers in Kandiyohi County.  

Kandiyohi County Health and Human Services is responsible for the licensing and monitoring of family child care homes where children from more than one family and/or relatives are cared for in that home. In the State of Minnesota, a person may do unlicensed care if they care for relatives and one family. This includes the care giver’s own children. If a person is providing child care for more than this they are required to be licensed.

The county conducts background studies and orientations for prospective child care providers, does in-home interviews and safety checks, recommends providers for licensure, and supports existing providers.

The County also helps parents by conducting record checks of licensed child care providers, investigating licensing complaints and answering parent questions regarding their involvement with licensed child care. 

Child care providers need to follow through with the state regulations (Minnesota Rules 9502.0330 to 9502.0445) for licensure.

  • These rules set limits on the number and ages of children allowed in care, set safety standards regarding the physical environment, sanitation and health, water, food, and nutrition.
  • There are guidelines and limits regarding behavior guidance and activities and equipment.
  • There are regulations of the care giver qualifications and training needs as well as forms needed for each child.
  • Public information is available on child care homes. 
  • This public information consists of whether a person is licensed or not, whether there was any negative action on a license, any variances that the care giver is operating with, the nature and outcomes of any complaints, and correction orders that have been issues on a licensed home.

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