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Child Support

How do I make a child support payment?            Child Support Home
1.    How do I make a child support payment?
Payment options are listed on the Minnesota Department of Human Services website.

How can I get payment information on my case?
You can find payment information on your case at the Minnesota Child Support Online system.

Why haven't I received a payment for a while?
There are a number of reasons for a delay in payment:
1) The non custodial parent may have switched jobs;
2) The non custodial parent may not have worked the prior week and there is no money for the payor of funds to send in to the state of MN Child Support Payment Center; 
3) There are many other reasons that may require our off to contact the payor of the funds.

4.     What is the other parents address and place of employment?
This is private data and cannot be shared.

5.     How do I sign up for direct deposit?
You can sign up by registering at the Child Support Direct Deposit Website.

6.     How do I establish/change custody/parenting time?
You may consult a private attorney for legal advice. (This child support office does not have authority in this area.)

Child Support