Water Distribution

After ground water has gone through the treatment plant process, it is pumped into the distribution system for consumer use.


The Glacial Lakes Sanitary Sewer & Water District (GLSSWD) distribution system consists of a network of different size piping, the largest being ten inch. All of the GLSSWD mainline pipes are constructed of PVC. These mainlines are connected to four storage tanks. One underground 165,000 gallon tank located at the water treatment plant and three 250,000 gallon elevated tanks located one each in the City of Spicer, City of New London, and the northeast corner of Green Lake. The storage tanks provide consumers with an ample supply of water twenty four hours a day. In addition to providing substantial fire protection, the elevated towers also provide system pressure during their draw down cycle.

Flushing of water distribution mainlines and fire hydrants, along with performing hydrant inspections, are important functions regarding the maintenance of the distribution system. Flushing removes any sediment that may have built up in the lines and brings fresh chlorinated water into areas that see little water usage such as dead ends. Hydrant flushing and inspections assure that, if needed, they are in proper working order. Mainlines are flushed spring and fall. Hydrants are flushed and inspected annually throughout the warm weather months.