Water Treatment Process

The Glacial Lakes Sanitary Sewer & Water District (GLSSWD) water treatment plant has the ability to treat 1.2 million gallons of water per day. The treatment process consists of the following steps:

  • Water is drawn from the quatunary buried artesian aquifer utilizing four wells ranging from 358 to 375 feet deep and pumped into the treatment plant.
  • Aeration is utilized to remove unwanted gases, oxidize iron and manganese, reduce tastes & odors, and introduce oxygen into the water.
  • Detention time, allowing for the settling and disposal of precipitated iron and manganese.
  • Addition of potassium permanganate to the detention tank effluent.
  • Dual media (sand & anthracite) water filtration utilizing four gravity filters (all filter backwash water is reclaimed and returned to the treatment process).
  • Chlorine is added for disinfection control.
  • Fluoride is added for dental hygiene purposes.
  • Orthophosphate is added for corrosion control.
  • Treated water is pumped to the Spicer, New London and Green Lake water towers, 250,000 gallon capacity each, for consumer use.