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Volunteering in Kandiyohi County during an Emergency

Registration is the first step to becoming a volunteer.

Go to the state-wide volunteer registry Minnesota Responds at:  Click the REGISTER NOW button to begin. Keep your username and password in a safe place for use later.  When you are done registering, click the “profile” tab to make sure all your areas are “100% complete”.   

Your key contact is the Kandiyohi County program coordinator, Karen Ampe. You can contact her by email at or by phone at 320-231-7800 extension 2536.  She will contact you after you register to guide you through some on-line trainings to prepare you to respond. Minnesota Responds is a partnership that integrates local, regional, statewide and federal volunteer programs to assist our Public Health and healthcare systems during a disaster. Major emergencies can overwhelm the capabilities of hospitals and clinics, particularly during the first 12 - 72 hours of a large scale emergency. Volunteers during this critical time can play an important role to improve overall response capabilities. 

If you are a Kandiyohi County resident over the age of 18 with an interest in supporting our mission, check us out.  You do not need a medical background; all our members may contribute and make a difference. We have opportunities for people with diverse skills and interests. Common attributes of a volunteer are flexibility during an assignment, ability to take direction in a command structure, and willingness to prepare themselves and their families ahead of time for local emergencies and disasters in order to be available to volunteer with short notice.

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Safe Driving Tips!
First Things First - Are you getting enough sleep?
Wake Up call - Anyone could be at risk for drowsy driving
Dial in to the Task at Hand - Driving
Drowsy, Distracted or Focused - You decisions drive your safety
Slow Down - Speed Matters
Life Goes by Way Too Fast - Slow Down
Factsheets provided by Network of Employersfor Traffic Safety