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Environmental Health

Applications:  Forms and applications required for various licenses and permits.
Food and Beverage:  Licensing and regulation of restaurants, and bars.
Lodging: Licensing and regulation of hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, and assisted living facilities.
Manufactured Home Parks/Recreational Camping: Licensing and regulation of Manufactured Home Parks/Recreational Camping
Pools and Spas:  Licensing and regulation of public pools and spas.
Vending Machines:  Licensing and regulation of vending machines (retailer).
Tobacco Sales: A retail tobacco sale license is required for each location at which tobacco is sold in Kandiyohi County.
Special Event Food Stands:  Special Event Food Stands are food and beverage service stands which are used in conjunction with celebrations and special events, and which operate for no more than ten total days annually. Applications must be submitted to this office 2 weeks prior to the event.