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Food and Beverage Licensing

A license is required annually for every person, firm, or corporation engaged in the business of conducting a food and beverage service establishment, youth camp, hotel, motel, lodging establishment, public pool, or resort. Any person wishing to operate a place of business licensed in this section shall first make application, pay the required fee specified in this section, and receive approval for operation, including plan review approval. Plan Review: All plans and specifications must be submitted to this office at least one month prior to starting construction. Construction may not begin until plans have been approved. Failure to submit plans and appropriate fees for new construction or remodeling will not prevent the fees from being collected. In addition, any construction not meeting code will have to be corrected prior to opening. Prior to construction, plans must be approved by all other local agencies
Food Service Construction Guidelines
Food and Lodging Plan Review Application
Restaurant Supply Companies
Plumbing Plans
Minnesota Ventilation Guidelines
Local Contacts

License Applications and Fees:
Food, Pools, and Lodging License Application and listing of current fees
Mobile Food Unit Application for Food Carts, Mobile Food Units
Seasonal Permanent Food Stands, or Temporary Food Stands

Mobile Food Unit Construction Guidelines

Minnesota Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM):   
The State of Minnesota requires a CFPM in most food establishments including small, medium, and large food establishments, and mobile food units.  You may browse the Minnesota Department of Health’s webpage for more courses in the state, applications, and CFPM lookup. 

Food Safety Fact Sheets:  

Minimum Cooking Temperatures for Food - English
Temperarturas Criticas Del Alimento (Spanish)
Food Safety Fact Sheets
Power Outage
Cleanup after Fire
Locally Raised Eggs

Vomit Cleanup

Log Sheets:  
Daily Checklist- English
Daily Checklist - Spanish
Food Temperature Log - English
Employee Illness Log - English
Employee Illness Log-Spanish (Word) / Employee Illness Log-Spanish (Adobe)
Dish Machine Log (Adobe pdf document / Word document)

Sanitizing Log
Cooling Log (Word document)
   (Adobe pdf document)
Cooling Log -Spanish (Word document)  (Adobe pdf document)
Self-Inspection Checklist
Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Contact the Kandiyohi County Environmental Health office for Posters and other publications related to hand washing, smoking and other health topics.

Food Recalls: 
 List of foods and drugs that have been recently found unsafe and recalled from the market.  FDA Food Recalls