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Rent Escrow   A rent escrow action is a simplified procedure that permits a tenant to seek relief for housing violations on his or her own without the assistance of an attorney. Tenants may place rent in an escrow account when a landlord will not correct housing violations. Under the rent escrow law, tenants can pay their rent to the court administrator rather than to the landlord and ask the court to order the landlord to make repairs.

Bed Bugs   Bedbugs commonly live close to human sleeping areas and are active at night; they hide in small spaces during the day. They feed on human blood by piercing a person’s skin and sucking blood. Some people are sensitive to bites which can cause skin welts, itching, swelling, and a burning sensation. Bed bugs have not shown to spread disease. While hiding during the day bedbugs can accidentally be moved into homes and lodging facilities with boxes, luggage, secondhand furniture, and clothing.

Indoor Air Quality:  Mold   Mold is a type of fungus that grows throughout the environment in a moist environment that contains organic matter. Molds play an important role in nature by breaking down dead organic matter. However, molds growing indoors can cause health problems for people. Molds can produce allergen and irritants that may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. You can control mold growth in your home by controlling the moisture in your home. 

Indoor Air Quality:  Radon   Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, that means it continuously decays and releases radiation. Long-term exposure to radon can lead to lung cancer. In fact, over 20,000 lung deaths each year are from radon, making it a serious health concern for all Minnesotans.

Well Water   Private water supplies are not tested or regulated by the public health department. It is your responsibility to make sure your family's water is safe. You can not always see, taste, or smell contaminants that may be a health risk. The only way to identify if they are in your drinking water is to have your water tested at a laboratory.

West Nile Virus   Your greatest risk of contracting West Nile Virus is in the months of August and September. Starting in spring residents can take steps to reduce the risk of contracting mosquito borne diseases.

Meth Labs   Methamphetamine is made mostly from common household ingredients (drain cleaner, ephedrine, lye, brake cleaners, etc.) When these ingredients are mixed and "cooked" together they make a dangerous drug and potentially harmful chemical mixtures that can remain on household surfaces for months or years after "cooking" is over. There may be health effects in people exposed to lab chemicals before, during and after the drug-making process. Therefore, each drug lab is a potential hazardous waste site, requiring evaluation, and possibly cleanup, by hazardous waste (HazMat) professionals.