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Pregnancy is a time of great change and anticipation. All parents can benefit from learning more about their pregnancy and prepare for the birth of their child. Office and home visits are offered or visit with a nurse after your WIC appointment for your convenience.  

Supporting Hands Nurse Family Partnership is a voluntary program for first-time moms that is offered at no cost thanks to funding support from a variety of other resources. Mothers will have a personal nurse visiting them at home, who can offer education and support during pregnancy and until your baby reaches two years of age. For more information, please visit the Supporting Hands Nurse-Family Partnership web site: . You can also call or text 320-287-2585.

Prenatal classes are offered six times a year. Please visit  CarrisHealth Rice to enroll. The classes are taught by Kandiyohi County Health and Human Services Public Health Nurses and CarrisHealth Rice Hospital Obstetrical Nurses. For class dates and times, please see our Pregnancy to Parenting brochure.

Child Passenger Safety Seat Information  (For more information)

Postpartum Home Visiting:  A Public Health Nurse will visit with you about your baby's weight, sleep and eating patterns, breastfeeding and normal newborn characteristic. Other topics are well child check-ups, immunizations car seat usage, bonding and how to comfort your baby when fussy or crying. (For more information)

First Steps to the Next Steps:  Parenting is one of the most important jobs you will have, yet has the least amount of training.  It can be very rewarding, but often challenging. Family home visiting can help to prepare parents for the challenges and provide ongoing support.  (For more information)

Follow Along Program
:  Let the Follow Along Program help you know if your child is playing, talking, growing, moving, and acting like other children the same age.Babies and young children grow and learn at their own rate. Some children, though, need special help to grow up healthy and learn skills such as sitting, walking, or talking.  The Follow Along Program can help you know if this is true for your child. (For more information)

Minnesota Infant Safe Haven Law: If you have given birth within the last 72 hours and feel you cannot take care of your baby.

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