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Kandiyohi-Renville Local Public Health Assessment and Planning

Local Public Health Assessment and Planning

All Community Health Boards (CHBs) in Minnesota are required to engage in assessment and planning to yield local public health priorities and focus local resources.  These plans, adopted in 2013-2014, will guide the work of the CHB and can be used to advocate for resources, work toward visible results, and demonstrate accountability and efficiency.  

Public Health Assessment and Planning Overview  A Minnesota Department of Health link

Community Assessment is one of the core functions of public health. Local Community Health Boards use national, state and local data to assess the community's health status and identify ongoing and emerging health issues.  

The Kandiyohi - Renville Community Health Board has prepared the following Community Health Assessment for 2013. The purpose of this community health assessment of both Kandiyohi and Renville Counties is to collect and analyze data in a way that educates the community of important health priorities and mobilizes them to leverage resources and create a plan of action to improve the community's health. Also below is the statewide Community Health Assessment conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health completed in April of 2012. 

The Health of Kandiyohi & Renville Counties:  Part One
The Health of Kandiyohi & Renville Counties:  Part Two
The Health of Minnesota: Part One
The Health of Minnesota: Part Two

Kandiyohi-Renville Community Health Assessment Summary

Strategic Plan
is an internal working document of the Kandiyohi-Renville Community Health Board.  The strategic plan outlines the vision. goals and values of the Public Health departments as well as action plans for the next five years. 

Kandiyohi- Renville Strategic Plan

Quality Improvement Plan outlines the goals and strategies that the Kandiyohi-Renville Community Health Board will undertake to conduct quality improvement measures in the Public Health departments. 

Kandiyohi-Renville Quality Improvement Plan

Community Health Improvement Plan is a plan completed and implemented in conjunction with others in the community. Public Health acknowledges that to improve the health of the public, we cannot do it alone. Community partners from health organizations, service clubs, schools, government agencies, etc. will need to work together to address the identified top three health issues.

  • Obesity and Nutrition
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
  • Mental Health

Kandiyohi-Renville Community Health Improvement Plan

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