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Educational Resources   PublicHealth.Org is dedicated to connecting patients, students and professionals to the latest and most useful healthcare information and resources available.

Prental Care    PublicHealth.Org   This guide considers the urgency of prenatal care for families preparing for children, as well as individuals and families who have unexpectedly discovered a pregnancy. They answer your most urgent questions about staying healthy throughout your pregnancy as well as how to track your baby's growth during each trimester. 

Child Passenger Safety Seats  Recalled products (expecially children’s car seats!); safety information, follow-up instructions, contact information.  Infant and child safety, car seat information, link to local car seat inspection stations by zip code. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – Recommends federal safety guidelines for car seats and certifies Child Passenger Safety Technicians (car seat inspectors).

Breastfeeding Resources International Lactation Consultants Association Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Link to site of Thomas Hale, PhD, RPh, expert on medications and mother’s milk Human Milk Bank Association of North America   La Leche League (breastfeeding support)   World Health Organization

Baby-related Resources American Academy of Pediatrics American Association of Family Practice Pediatrician and author, William Sears, MD American Dietetic Association Journal of Pediatrics Attachment Parenting International Growing Families International (“Babywise”) Offers programs and services to improve the quality of early childcare and education

Multiples Resources National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs Site of the author of Mothering Multiples. Extensive information, including breastfeeding multiples Site of the magazine especially for families with twins

Other Resources 
What to Expect from Wisdom Teeth Removal (non-public website)
"Pregnancy bed rest: When it's needed, what it means” - Mayo Clinic “Coping with bed rest” Sidelines – The support organization for mothers experiencing high risk pregnancy The Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation Information and resources about premature infants  La  Leche League International This organization is dedicated to providing education, information, support and encouragement to women who choose to breastfeed. There are many local chapters around the west central Minnesota area. The National Coalition on Shaken Baby Syndrome  888-273-0071    The Shaken Baby Alliance   1-877-6ENDSBS (toll free)    National Institute of Child Health & Human Development  800-370-2943     The ARC 1-301-565-3842  Prevent Child Abuse America  1-312-663-3520     Think First Foundation      1-800-THINK-56