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Public Health provides education on healthy pregnancy, birth, infant care, parent/child interactions and the importance of early attachment. Promoting sound infant mental health development, including healthy social and emotional development, from birth to age three is a theme integrated throughout Family Health activities. 
A Public Health Nurse contacts all mothers of newborns in Kandiyohi County to offer a home visit to  provide information on infant care, early attachment, post-partum depression and other health topics, answer questions, connect parents to resources and offer home visits by a public health nurse.  Public Health offers families breastfeeding education, support and connections to resources. In addition to working with individuals, Public Health works at the systems level to reinforce the research-supported belief that breastfeeding is recognized as the normal and preferred method of feeding infants and young children. 

Supporting Hands Nurse Family Partnership is a voluntary program for first-time moms that is offered at no cost thanks to funding support from a variety of other resources. Mothers will have a personal nurse visiting them at home, who can offer education and support during pregnancy and until your baby reaches two years of age. For more information, please visit the Supporting Hands Nurse-Family Partnership web site: . You can also call or text 320-287-2585.

Family Home Visiting Program   Parenting can be very rewarding, but often challenging. Family home visiting can help prepare parents for the challenges and provide ongoing support.  Parenting is one of the most important jobs you will have, yet has the least amount of training.  It can be very rewarding, but often challenging. Family home visiting can help to prepare parents for the challenges and provide ongoing support.  (For more information)

Child Development Tracking Program  Family Health offers the Follow Along child development tracking program as a way for parents of children birth to age 3 to learn about their child's healthy growth and development. Parents can use the program to learn if their child is playing, talking, growing, moving and acting like other children the same age. Every four to six months, parents receive free developmental and social emotional screening questionnaires in the mail, as well as early childhood development information and fun activities that they can do with their children. The questionnaires are filled out by the parents and returned to Public Health. Families receive phone consultation with a public health professional when there are questions and concerns, including referral assistance and follow up contacts to assure families are connected with supportive services when needed.  The Follow Along program is open to all county residents; there are no eligibility requirements or costs associated with participating in Follow Along. Call (320) 231-7800 to enroll in the program or enroll online at              Follow Along Ages and Stages Questionnaire example