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Adopt A Highway



What is Adopt-A-Highway?
The Adopt-A-Highway program allows interested citizens and community organizations an opportunity to contribute to the community by adopting a segment of County Highway to help keep the roadsides free of litter. Everyone involved has a chance to see how much work is involved in keeping road ditches clean.
The groups involved in the program get publicity by having their names put on an informational sign that lets the traveling public know who is maintaining the road ditch in that area. Our segments are generally a two mile stretch.
One important reason for the program is the Public Relations it creates between Kandiyohi County and its citizens.


             What is required?                                                                                                                       

ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY MAP, which shows both adopted and available routes.   



 The group agrees to clean up its road segment at least two times a year for a minimum of two years.

The group agrees to clean up its road segment one time only


The Kandiyohi County Public Works Department provides high visibility safety vests, trash bags and safety training material. The organization/individual should then notify the Public Works Department where the filled trash bags have been set so they can then be picked up by our Public Works Department maintenance personnel. For more information,

Adopt-A-Highway Permit, please review the permit requirements and visit the Public Works Office to complete the Adopt-A-Highway permit.
Adopt-A-Highway-Safety First, share safety information with every crew member.

Phone       How do I get involved?
       Contact: Kandiyohi County Public Works Department
                       1801 E. Highway 12               
                       Willmar, MN 56201              
                       320-235-3266 for more information.

The Kandiyohi County Board of Commissioners and the Kandiyohi County Public Works Department gratefully thank everyone that participates in the Adopt-A-Highway Program.