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Spring Axle Load Limits/Road Restrictions


Spring Load Restrictions END

END FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2020 at 12:01 AM

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Kandiyohi County usually follows the spring load restriction dates set by MnDOT, available at

During spring load restrictions, county roads in Kandiyohi County are posted according to the Kandiyohi County Spring Load Restrictions map available at the above link.

Kandiyohi County does not issue overweight permits during spring load restrictions.

During spring load restrictions, allowable weights on roads under Minnesota law1 that are not posted with specific weight limits are:

  • 10-tons per axle on paved roads (same as normal)
  • 5-tons per axle on unpaved roads

Most gravel township roads are not specifically posted during spring load restrictions, so they have a 5-ton per axle weight limit during spring load restrictions.  Normal allowable weights (not during spring load restrictions) are as follows2, unless a lower weight limit is posted on the road:

  • 10-tons per axle on paved roads
  • 9-tons per axle on unpaved roads
General Information
In the spring, during and after the timeframe when the frost comes out, roadways are in a weakened condition and are especially susceptible to damage.  Spring load restrictions are a strategy to preserve paved and gravel roadway surfaces during the time when they are the most vulnerable to damage.  The cost of asphalt resurfacing projects in Kandiyohi County typically exceeds $200,000 per mile, and the taxpayers have made significant investment in our road system.  Overweight vehicles during spring load restrictions could literally cause millions of dollars of damage.
Efficient trucking for the movement of goods and materials is critical for our economy and for the livelihood of businesses.  The need for efficient commerce must be balanced against the need to protect the taxpayer investment in roadway infrastructure.  Most state highways (Interstate, U.S. and Minnesota Trunk Highways) remain at 10-ton per axle limits during spring load restrictions.  Many county roads in Kandiyohi County have adequate structure and are posted at 10-ton per axle limits during spring load restrictions, to allow for normal commerce.  For those roads that are posted at lower values and on unpaved roads, we ask everyone’s cooperation in adhering to the spring load restriction weight limits.  In most cases, if a road is destroyed there is simply no money available to repair or replace the surfacing – unless funds are diverted from other resurfacing projects – which means a road that had waited its turn doesn’t get resurfaced.
1Minnesota Statutes, section 169.87, subdivision 2

2Minnesota Statutes, section 169.823