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About Laredo



What records can I access?

In Kandiyohi County, the computer real estate Grantor/Grantee Index and Tract Index begins March 2, 1987.  The real estate computer document images begin Mid 1800's.  These images are searchable by book/page or document number only.  The Kandiyohi County Search Tip Document provides tips to search converted paper records to scanned images.  Manual Tract Indexes are available at our office from the late 1800's through December 31, 2003.  As of January 1, 2004, the Tract Indexes are only available via the computer.


What are the fees?

User fees pay for system maintenance and upgrades of the software.  Customers may select the "per minute" plan that best meets their needs. 



County Charge to End-User

Overage Charge*

Plus Per Print

Additional   Option – Print Results

Level   I:  0-250 minutes





Level   II:  251-1000 minutes





Level   III:  1001-3000 minutes





Level   IV:  3001-6000 minutes





Level   V:  Unlimited






 All levels have the option to print search results for $25 per month.



Are there disclaimers I should read?

Yes, click Disclaimer, which includes index and verification dates.


Do I need to sign an agreement?

Yes.  Please click on the link below to open the Laredo On-Line Access Agreement Form.  Print this form, fill it out completely and return the completed form to the Kandiyohi County Recorder's Office. 


Laredo On-Line Access Agreement


How do I access Laredo?

After your completed Laredo On-Line Access Agreement is received, we will assign a user name and password that you can use to access Laredo.  You can then follow the Download and Installation Instructions and by choosing Kandiyohi County.



How do I set up my search?

As with any system, you will need to determine the best strategy for finding your information.  For more suggestions on how to search using Laredo, see Laredo Search Guide   You may also view the two Laredo Interactive Tutorials, Laredo Search Demo or Laredo Templates Demo.


Who do I contact for more information on Laredo?

Click this link to send an email to or call 320-231-6223.