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Reasons to Recycle

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  • Reduction of Waste - It is estimated less than 40% of Kandiyohi County households recycle. On a daily basis, the average American generates 4.40 pounds of waste according to Reducing the amount of waste will result in lower fees for garbage services by having a smaller cart or lengthening the time between pickups.
  • Good For Our Environment, Nature and Wildlife - Recycling requires less energy and natural resources than creation of new products from virgin materials. Making goods from recyclable materials also generates less water pollution and avoids any groundwater seepage.
  • Preservation of Landfill Space - Landfill space is limited. Current recycling rates in Kandiyohi County divert 6,200 tons of waste per year from being landfilled.
  • Demand for New Products - Innovative products are introduced regularly using recycled materials. The demand creates new jobs and strong local economies.
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