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Boat and Water Safety


Water structure permits are due to renew next year (2021). Note that a permit is required for swimming rafts, buoys, and other structures in the water.  Permits may be printed below and returned to the Sheriff's Office.  A number will be issued to the structure, which must be displayed on the structure.              

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  Placement of Temporary Structures and Buoys in the Waters of Minnesota

 No structure not extending from shore or any buoy, or sign, may be in the waters between sunset and sunrise without obtaining a permit from the Sheriff of Kandiyohi County.  The Sheriff may issue a permit for any such structure or buoy whenever, in the Sheriff's opinion, the structure or buoy is not an undue hazard to, or illegal obstruction of, navigation.

  Every buoy placed in the waters for use of anchoring or mooring watercraft must have at least 8 inches extending above the waterline, may not be over 24 inches circular or a width of more than 24 inches in some other shape.  No mooring or anchoring buoy may be placed in or upon the water except by public authority or under a permit issued by the Sheriff of the County.  Every buoy shall be colored white and shall be encircled by a visible blue band at least one inch wide.  Mooring buoys must have a  minimum total of 16 square inches of white reflectorization, visible in any direction, if lighted shall show a flashing white light. 

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