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Values of Circle



The core value of the circle process is reflective of both the necessary qualities which need to be present for each circle to have meaning as well as a reflection of important SHARED values of the community.

No value carries more significance than any other; they are interdependent, sharing certain features among them. Participation in the circle process indicates acceptance of these values both in word and action. This is not a complete list of the shared values in the circles.

The Circle process will:

  • Honor the presence and dignity of every participant
  • Value the contributions of every participant    
  • Emphasize the connectedness of all things   
  • Support emotional and spiritual expression    
  • Give equal voice to all *                                              

Community Circles will empower communities, namely all those are affected by crime/social problems, to actively participate in the response to violence and social problems.  In this way, Circles will enhance the justice system by holding the youth

accountable to the community in which he or she resides.  All members of the Circle will become the support system for the victim and offender. 

(* Pranis, Kay. The Little Book of Circle Process: A New/Old Approach to Peacemaking.  Intercourse, PA: Good Books, 2005)