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What is Circle?

Circle is a value laden process whereby the community steps up to take responsibility and provides support for its community members. 
Community is defined by people and not solely by geographical area.
Circle is a different way to have conversations, actually sitting in a circle and using a talking piece to direct the dialogue at times.
It is a partnership with the system; the system is sharing its authority with the community.
Circle is empowering for all who participate, giving everyone a voice in the outcome. 
The Circle is about accountability, and it provides an opportunity for every voice to be heard and healing to occur in the family and community.
The Circle is about decision making; decisions are not the responsibility of one person or a small group of people. The responsibility lies with the group, and all decisions are made by consensus. 
The Circle is about shared leadership; there is no hierarchy; no one ranks above anyone else in circle.
The Circle is about equality; when disagreements are voiced, negotiations proceed, and consensus building is utilized.