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  • The Drainage Department Management
  • Ditch Maps by Township (see link on left side toolbar)
  • County Ditch Policy
  • What are Drainage Assessments
  • Redetermination of Benefits
  • Mandatory Ditch Buffers
  • Private Ditches and Tile
  • Ditch Expenses by System
  • Annual Levy per Ditch System
  • Drainage Law
  • Maintenance vs Improvements
  • County Ditches vs Joint Ditches
  • Connecting Private Tile to Public Ditch or Tile
  • Projects
Visit some of Partners/Resources
  • Viewers Association
  • BWSR
  • Drainage Work Group
  • Hawk Creek Watershed Project
  • Chippewa River Watershed Project
  • Shakopee Creek Watershed Project
  • North Fork Crow River Watershed District
  • Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District
  • CROW Organization of Water JPB