County Recycling Schedule

Kandiyohi County Recycling gis map

NEW GIS site with information regarding the County's new single-sort recycling program. Search for an Address Location or pick a point on the map to view the Service Calendar, Service Day, and Route.

Single Sort Recycling Pickup Information

To find your pickup dates and related information, do one of the following: 

1) Map Search

Navigate to your Location on the map and simply click on the map, over the area you would like information for.  The Information will appear in the "Recycling Pickup Information" window.

2) Address Search

In the "Recycling Pickup Information" window type in your street address and click on the magnifying glass button to search.  If the location that is found on the map is not correct, click on "Show more Results" in the "Search Result" window and additional address options will appear.  For best results use the format as follows and include the city name. (Example: 100 1st St SW, Willmar)