Minnesota Pandemic Relief For Businesses 

Dear Business Owner:

Kandiyohi County received $852,437.02 (of which up to 2.5% can be used to cover administration costs) from the State of MN County Relief Program for businesses and non-profits that did not get grant relief directly from the MN Department of Revenue, but were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Executive Orders that closed or restricted operations.  (If you did receive notification from DOR regarding a State grant, please let us know).  The County is working in partnership with the Kandiyohi County & City of Willmar Economic Development Commission (EDC) to administer and distribute a grant relief program and has determined that your business may be eligible to apply for funds under in the Tier 1 or Tier 2 program.  

Attached are the Minnesota Pandemic Relief (MPR) forms you will need to submit an application for the grant program.  The intent was to make the process easy to access so funds can be distributed quickly and effectively.  If you have any questions regarding the process, call 320-235-7370 or toll free 866-665-4556 or email edc@kandiyohi.com.

This is has been a very stressful time for businesses needing assistance, and on behalf of the elected officials and residents of Kandiyohi County, we hope this grant program will serve as a bridge to assist you until you can open your business to full capacity or access additional Federal Programs.        

Larry Kleindl                                                               Aaron Bachman
County Administrator                                          Executive Director
Kandiyohi County                                                      Kandiyohi County & City of Willmar EDC

Please click on the links below:

MPR Grant Application 

MPR Income Report 2019 and 2020 Comparision 

MPR Report of Grant Funds Expended 

Again, if you have any questions regarding the process, please call 320-235-7370 or toll free 866-665-4556 or email edc@kandiyohi.com