County Surveyor
Matthew Runke
4566 Hwy 71 NE - Suite 2
Willmar, MN  56201

The County Surveyor is responsible for maintaining Data, Records and Monuments for approximately 2,800 Section Corners in Kandiyohi County.  These Section Corners were placed as part of the US Public Land Survey which was performed in Kandiyohi County between the years of 1856 and 1857.  The corners that were set as part of this Original Government Land Office Survey are the basis for all of the Land Boundaries and Property Records in the County.

Original Government Land Office Survey (OGLOS) Map

Section Corner Records
Original Government Land Office Survey Records, Historical County Survey Records, Section Corner Ties, Certificates of Location of Government Corners, GPS Coordinate Observations

Historical Half Section Maps
Historical Parcels maps of a majority of the County (1970’s – 1990’s)

Plat Maps
Recorded Plats are available on the Public GIS site or on the Plat Finder page (text-based search)

Survey Data Request
Please send any requests for Section Corner information to our Email

Geographic Information Systems
For current tax parcel information and other geographic data please see the GIS Page