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County Recycling

Kandiyohi County Recycling

Looking for an easy way to get the recycling cart to the curb?CartPuller
Check out the Recycling Cart Puller

NEW GIS site with information regarding the County's new single-sort recycling program. Search for an Address Location or pick a point on the map to view the Service Calendar, Service Day, and Route.

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CARES Pandemic Relief (CPR) grants for Small Businesses and Nonprofits are currently available. If you are qualified and interested you can apply online. read more


Do you have a standard driver's license or ID card? Consider applying for a REAL ID now!

If you want to board a domestic flight or enter a federal facility that requires identifi­ cation, beginning Oct. 1, 2020, you will need one of the following:

�–�  REAL ID driver's license or ID card

�–�  Enhanced driver's license or ID card

�–�   Passport, passport card or another acceptable form of ID {complete list at

A standard driver's license or ID will not be accepted for federal use beginning Oct. 1, 2020

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Kandiyohi County Offices Open To the Public By Appointment Only!

Kandiyohi County offices continue to be open by scheduling appointments only.   Employees will continue to be available to help the public via email, phone and virtual visits.  A listing of department contacts can be found below or on the County website under the tab of Departments at  The intent of this is to implement a phased in opening process to help slow the spread of COVID 19 pandemic.  read more

Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan - Input needed

Public Input Wanted as County Updates Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan

Tornadoes, straight-line winds, ice storms, blizzards, flooding, wildland fires and droughts are the kinds of natural disasters most likely to cause widespread economic loss and personal hardship in Kandiyohi County. Taking steps to minimize the damage from a natural disaster is key to the County’s multi-hazard mitigation plan (MHMP); and as the County works to update the plan, it wants to hear from the public.

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Kandiyohi County, doing it for you

 You don’t really think about it because you don’t have to. After a snowstorm the roads are cleared so you can get your kids to school safely, if there is an accident you call 911 to summons help quickly, you don’t think about it because it’s your county, Kandiyohi County, doing it for you. Every day in our community, county government is hard at work providing the quality of life services that makes our county an outstanding place to live and raise a family.

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Vision 20/40

Vision 2040 

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